Projects – Zollner

Dry Tower Project at Zollner

Zollner Elektronik AG

Cham, Germany

The Problem at Zollner was the huge amount of components that were stored manually on shelving and subsequent total shortage of storage space. The time spent finding required components wasn’t practical and growth was no longer possible. They had two possible options: a volume-optimizing storage system or the construction of a new manufacturing hall. They opted for the automated component storage solution from Totech – the Dry Tower.

The Zollner 3 Dry Tower Quattro was installed with a warehouse paternoster and 4 extraction points. The Towers all work simultaneously. The distribution from the towers to the individual discharge stations was implemented via roller conveyor segments with integrated drives.


With the Dry Tower, the storage space required for the entire stock of SMD materials has decreased from about 400 square meters to below 60 square metres. All of the material is stored centrally in the Dry Tower. The employee scans in the setup list and in 15-second intervals the materials are delivered by individual rollers to the chosen discharge station.The inputs and return transfer take place via a single-bearing Paternoster. This has space for 36 rolls and / or trays and serves as a buffer stock. While the Dry Tower is busy outsourcing, operators can still add materials to the Paternoster. The Paternoster is cleared when the capacity allows for it. The Dry Tower is then supplied and selects the optimal storage place. With the MSL software, Zollner now have comprehensive and complete documentation of the material flow. Thanks to the controlled climatic conditions within the Dry Towers, moisture management of components is also covered and documented.