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Dry Tower MSL 2.0 Software

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Connection to interface:

Our interfaces have been designed in accordance with the guidelines issued by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association ZVEI, and allow for linking the system to an existing MES system. Our customers benefit from our experience with customer-specific interfaces to Cogiscan (Siemens), Diplan, SAP, ASM and others. We also offer support when our software is being integrated with an existing MES system.

Storage/component monitoring:

Important storage parameters such as humidity, temperature or operator and assembly orders are logged and available for analysis.

Dry Tower MSL 2.0 software

Pick & place function:

An integrated pick & place function ensures removal in the order of assembly, just in time and right at the feeder set-up-station. Expiry dates and FIFO principles (including smart FIFO) are observed.


  • Monitoring and documentation of drying, stopping and open times in accordance with JEDEC
  • Automatic pick & place function for initial set-up and follow-up service
  • integration to existing MES systems via customer-specific interface
  • Unlimited control and traceability throughout the entire logistics chain
  • Individual storage strategies are feasible
Dry Tower MSL 2.0 software


Smart communication

MSL Control centre

Key data available at a glance

Tower & cabinet monitoring

  • Online humidity and temperature control
  • Clearly arranged key process parameters
  • Alarms are generated as soon as limit values are exceeded
  • External storage sites can be integrated
MSL 2.0 software
MSL 2.0 software

Component monitoring

  • All stored and removed goods are recorded by time stamp and removal order
  • Remaining processing time for all components is monitored
  • Drying process is documented
  • Stored goods are blocked if the remaining processing time is expired or the expiry date is exceeded

Component logistics

  • Live-tracking function
  • Movements within the warehouse  are documented
  • Various statistics functions
  • Storage logs at the push of a button
  • Movements within the warehouse are logged
  • Analysis and evaluation options
  • Inventory lists
MSL 2.0 software
Dry Tower logistics solution

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