Dry Cabinets XSD series

XSD Series

XSD series - Desiccant dry cabinet XSDB 701-57 from Super Dry Totech
Desiccant dry cabinet XSD 1402-57
Desiccant dry cabinet XSDV

The Super Dry® XSD Series high-end desiccant dry cabinets are designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STD-033C and 1601 for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices.  The advanced technology of XSD desiccant cabinets delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°C) for floor life reset proven to replace traditional oven baking of components and boards at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Maintenance-free U-5000 drying unit with integrated fan
  • Insulated cabinet body
  • Powerful radial fan
  • Heater (40°C) (XSDB)
  • Heater (60 °C) (XSD)
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • Limit value monitoring (RH; °C)
  • Door alarm
  • Sliding grate shelves (XSD only)
  • Lockable doors
  • Regulated relative humidity below 0.5%
  • Dynamic regeneration
  • Integrated data logger
  • Free Totech-Viewer software
  • Ethernet interface


  • Drawers
  • Heater (60°C)(XSDB)
  • Cooler (10°C)(XSDC)
  • Additional Retractable Shelves

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The XSD Series

The German designed and manufactured XSD/XSDB/XSDV series of dry cabinets deliver outstanding performance for floor life reset of components and drying of PCB’s, as well as coatings, sprays, molding pellets and moisture absorbent materials of all kinds.

  • The premium XSDB desiccant cabinets combine high-performance drying, along with stable temperature and humidity curves and top-class design and craftsmanship.
  • Our flagship XSD series features a stainless steel cabinet body, LED lighting, 60°C heater as well as sliding shelves with telescopic rails.
  • The XSDV series delivers the ideal solution for customised drying cabinets.