Dry cabinets MSD series technical overview

The MSD Series

Technical Data for MSD Modular Desiccant Dry Cabinets


  • Ext. dimensions (WHD)
  • Int. dimensions (WHD)
  • Effective capacity
  • Weight
  • Power consumption
  • Number of shelves
MSD 1222-52 modular dry cabinets basic cabinet

MSD 1222-52 Basic cabinet

  • Ext. dimensions (WHD) 840 x 2040 x 900 mm
  • Int. dimensions (WHD) 830 x 1780 x 850/730 mm
  • Effective capacity 1200 L
  • Weight 140 kg
  • Power consumption 30 W/h
  • Number of shelves 4
MSD Series modular dry cabinet add on cabinet

MSD 1223-00 Add-on cabinet

  • Ext. dimensions (WHD) 840 x 2040 x 900 mm
  • Int. dimensions (WHD) 830 x 1780 x 850 mm
  • Effective capacity 1255 L
  • Weight 125 kg
  • Power consumption 30 W/h
  • Number of shelves 4
MSD modular dry cabinets

Capacity MSD 1222-52

  • Ext. dimensions (WHD) Reels: 352
  • Int. dimensions (WHD) Diameter: 330 mm
  • Effective capacity Thckness: 8mm
  • Weight –
  • Power consumption –
  • Number of shelves –

Performance test

XSD series dry cabinets performance chart
Type of dew point sensorRotronic sensor
Accuracy of dew point sensor+/-1 % RH, +/- 0.3° C
Location of sensorIn the direct surrounding of cabinet sensor
Ambient conditionsHumidity 50 ± 5% rH, 25° ± 2°C, Pressure 994 ± 20 hPa
Door openings2 door openings of 15 sec. (average RH 0.70%)


Dry cabinets display
Settings: Menu language options
Nominal humidity value
Nominal humidity value alarm 
Delay humidity alarm (in combination with heater)
Nominal temperature value (in combination with heater)
Temperature alarm (in combination with heater)
Delay temperature alarm
Door alarm 
Manual regeneration
Display:Voltage supply (supplied by Drying Unit) 24 VAC/DC
4 Input function keys (tactile-touch keys)
Display 61 x 33 mm, white, controllable backlight, adjustable contrast
Ethernet connection
Power consumption 24 VDC, 40 mA

Drying - U 5000 series

Dehumidifying performance120 g/h max
Minimal humidity0.2% RH
Dehumidifying Temperature10 – 60° C
Electric supply120 VAC / 230 VAC 
Dimensions (LWH)487 x 487 x 150 mm
Weight:21 kg

Rotronic sensor HC2-S

Rotronic sensor HC2A-S

Based on the Airchip 3000 Technology, the HygroClip 2 probes can be used for control of temperature and humidity. The HygroClip 2 probes can be configured with the ROTRONIC HW4 software and share the following features:

  • Measurement of relative humidity and temperature
  • Data recording of up to 2000 relative humidity and temperature value pairs
  • Programmable automatic sensor test with fail safe mode and sensor drift compensation

Heater SH-1200

SH1200 for MSD modular dry cabinets
Voltage230 V AC (110 V AC optional)
Frequency AC50/60 Hz
Power1650 W
Thermal protection70 ºC
Temperature range0 -40ºC
Air flow550 M³/H
MSD 1222-52 modular dry cabinet
MSD Series modular dry cabinets

MSD Series

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MSD modular dry cabinets