Dry cabinet XSD 1412-54 technical drawings

XSD 1412-54

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Dimensions in mm

XSD 1412 -54
Dry cabinet XSD 1412-54 technical drawing
Number of shelves (47000141)56789101112131415
Distance (in mm) between shelves if equally spaced2602101651651151157070707070
Remaining space between top shelf and top cabinet235190235402359043033023514040
Number of drawers123456789101112131415
Remaining space (in mm)136612701174107898288679069459850240631021411822

Measurements can slightly deviate.
Note: Calculations measured from the bottom shelf (each section) in the lowest possible position.

Dimensions of SMD reel rack with reel support

XSD reel rack dimensions

Item number: 20014006

XSD reel racks

Performance Test

Performance Test XSD 1412-54
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