Dry cabinet SD 151-21 technical drawings

SD 151-21

Technical Drawings & Downloads

Dimensions in mm

Number of shelves bottom section123
Distance (in mm) between shelves if equally spaced165103
Remaining space between top shelf and top beam295155120
Remaining space between bottom shelf and bottom cabinet265175145
Loading capacity shelves m2 (468 mm x 380 mm)0.180.350.53
Shelves are adjustable every mm303030

Measurements can slightly deviate.
Note: Calculations measured from the bottom shelf (each section) in the lowest possible position.

Dimensions of SMD reel rack with reel support

SMD reel rack 20014000

Item number: 20014000

SMD reel rack 20014000

Performance test

Dry Cabinet SD 151-21 with heater performance chart

SD 151-21 with heater performance test

SD 151-21 no heater performance chart

SD 151-21 no heater performance test

SD-302-21 dry storage cabinet

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