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Animated video demonstrating Dry Tower optimised warehouse management and storage

DryTower automated storage systems for electronics manufacturing

Dry Cabinets Videos

Superdry Totech Introductory video - XSD Instruction Video

Vacuum Packaging Videos

SDV 46 demonstration. Achieve perfect packaging with SDV series vacuum packaging machines

Interviews & News Videos

MSL 2.0 Traceability Software for the Dry Tower & multiple dry cabinets. More towards Industry 4.0.

Dry Tower automated storage systems for electronics manufacturing explained

Super Dry Totech wins a Global Technology Award 2015 for Dry Tower

Moisture damage and control and how to avoid defects in components

Rich Heimsch talks to Phil Stoten at Apex 2014 about drying & storage & particular demands of specific industries & geographic regions.

Project Manager Artur Brommer talks to Evertiq about Super Dry Totech Dry Tower

Evertiq talks to CEO, Jos Brehler, about the Dry Tower & demands on the industry to store parts in a controlled & traceable way.

CEO Jos Brehler talks to Kim Sauer of EMSNow about the launch of the Dry Tower and MSL software.