Software MSL 2.0

MSL 2.0 Software

Reliable cabinet & component monitoring

Key data available at a glance

Cabinet monitoring

  • Online humidity and temperature control
  • Data management of multiple drying cabinets
  • Data displayed on PC in table or chart format
  • Automatic device authentication
MSL 2.0 software - Monitoring
MSL 2.0 software - component monitoring

Component monitoring

  • Recording of all loading and unloading processes
  • Dynamic calculation of remaining floor life time
  • Drying process is documented
  • Lockout function if the remaining processing time is expired or the expiry date is exceeded

Component logistics

  • Live-tracking function
  • Movements within the warehouse  are documented
  • Various statistics functions
  • Storage logs at the push of a button
  • Movements within the warehouse are logged
  • Analysis and evaluation options
  • Inventory lists
MSL 2.0 software - component logistics