Long Term Storage Solutions

Long Term

Storage Solutions

LTS² - Long term storage solutions

LTS², Long Term Storage Solutions, is a new service by Super Dry Totech expanding our offering for MSD and long-term storage. For those companies that do not wish to make the investment in capital equipment, or may be looking for a flexible and scale-able off-site warehousing solution, this is the alternative value-added service.  There is a growing trend in the electronics industry of increasing component lead-times, whilst reducing development cycles make it increasingly necessary to hold extra stocks on the operational side. Warranty management, and last time buys are other reasons why we see growing requirements for specialised storage services. Whether it’s for 6 months or 6 years, we fill that space.


  • Dry Cabinets
  • Dry Rooms
  • Dry Tower
  • Paternoster

Ideal For

  • OEM Die / Custom Packaging
  • Component Distributors
  • CEMs

Process Map Super Dry-Totech MSL and LTS Storage

Totech Long term safe storage process
LTS² - Long term storage solutions. MSL storage service

Our new facility in Zwolle, Netherlands, houses a safe, secure quarantined area, that is compliant to international standards for MSD and LTS component storage. We use our patented technologies for temperature and humidity control with transparent and fully traceable management logging so that customers can access online information to verify the status of their stocks in real-time. We also provide a full range of interim testing regimes as necessary.