Dry Tower system

Dry Tower Automated Storage System

Optimized process for component handling and storage

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The Dry Tower automated storage system from Super Dry Totech comprises integrated drying and storage environments with complete operator free material handling. Incorporating mature, proven drying technology and WMS-System integration capabilities, the system is also totally modular & can be configured for different size & storage requirements. All relevant data for processing components is saved into a data base, from entering the system through to the retrieval of components for production.

The Dry Tower can be connected to different inventory control systems ( WMS ) through standard interfaces. Automated input and output at a central point reduces personnel time. Incoming components are determined by image size recognition as reels or trays and are automatically fed into the system.


  • Reduced staff engagement times
  • Maximum volume consolidation in the warehouse
  • Inventory reduction / Space saving on factory floor
  • Faster movement of materials / shorter lead times
  • Maximum automation level
  • Clear documentation
  • Integral humidity management
Dry Tower control panel

Nowadays companies are looking more and more for flexible automation and digitalization of their processes. Track and tracing becomes an essential part of every automation process. Industrialization 4.0 is a good example of an initiative that helps companies getting ready for the next industrial revolution, focusing on flexible automation, digitalization, and track and tracing throughout the whole supply chain.

Dry Tower fulfills all these needs.

Dry Tower logistics solution

Take a look at the projects completed for some of Europe's most successful electronics companies now using DRY TOWER to improve quality and traceability, reduce manual interventions and save floor space for their component storage needs...

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